(hereinafter Sim2go) guarantees to protect the privacy and security of personal information that you provide. Personal information includes your own name, home address, telephone, and email address.

Why does Travel Sim Card need your personal information?

We only save your personal and other information to fulfill your request and exchange information with you, including:
Order sim on website: we save your late and first name, email, phone number when you purchase at
Save information for the following purchases: When you choose “save information for the next transaction”, will save information to help you reduce time for fulfilling on the website.
Save your foodprint on our website: We use cookies to add attributes about the product to the list you choose (either your favorite list, or the list you have viewed). On the next visit, you can easily access the items you visited before.
Subscribe for our news: save your email address, name, residence, and preferred contact method to provide information that you need.

2. Does Sim2go share your information with anyone else?

We absolutely do not disclose any information to anyone, except in some cases serving or performing legal obligations (if any): We will have to comply with the law when revealing the information you provide for the purpose of demonstrating’s products or services. We may also report information about individuals who harm us, or commit acts that threaten others.

3. How do we protect your information?

To ensure the reliability of personal information, we use modern security techniques and standard management procedures; besides, all processes and techniques are reviewed and updated regularly.