Experience buying Australia travel sim in Cambodia

One of the top concerns of tourists when arriving in a foreign country is the use of the Internet for communication or route finding, foreign tourists. Especially young people seem to be extremely interested in checking-in, taking photos to share with their loved ones, as well as recording memorable moments in their journey.

In this article, Sim2go.asia will share the experience of buying a 4G Sim for travel in Australia, hopefully the article will help you prepare your luggage more carefully and with peace of mind.

1. Three major mobile carriers in Australia

Australia’s three major telecom providers include: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone. They offer a wide range of sim cards for foreigners traveling to Australia and have nationwide coverage. If your journey is to cities and not to rural, remote areas, you can choose any of the three carriers above.

Telstra has the widest coverage and is probably the best choice if you’re planning to visit the outback and want to make sure your phone has a signal.

2. Some basic things to keep in mind before buying a 4G SIM to travel to Australia

  • Like most sim cards used daily, the Australia Travel 4G Sim also integrates 3 sizes such as Nano, Micro and Standard on 1 Sim card, making it easy to insert it into your device.
  • Australia 4G travel sim cannot be used for network locked phones (jailbroken iPhone phones, non-international versions). This is something to note for those of you who use a network-locked phone. Make sure your phone is unlocked.
  • The 3G/4G data/data only SIM card will be the perfect choice if you don’t need a SIM card that includes voice calls and text messages while you’re in Australia. Sim data cards usually provide unlimited data access, so you can easily use apps like Whatsapp, Zalo, Viber, FB… to make calls and send messages.
  • Alternatively, the other options Sim Data + Voice Call cards are only slightly more expensive and allow you to get a phone number so you can make and receive calls during your visit to Australia.
  • Australian networks use the GSM standard, which is also common in other countries. However, if your phone only uses CDMA you won’t be able to talk or text on your phone; however, you can use 4G network to access data. Your phone also needs to be on the right frequency to use the Australian network. You will need to look at your phone’s specifications and match it to the Australian frequency to work around this.

3. Where to buy Australia travel Sim?

3.1 Buy Sims at Australian Airports

You can buy an Australia travel sim card almost as soon as you arrive in Australia. Major providers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have specialized stores or counters in most international airports. At larger international airports, you can even find SIMs from smaller carriers. You will need to pay and register your sim card, but once done, it will be activated in 10 minutes.

To activate your sim card, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Passport
  • Address in Australia (you can use the hotel address)

For even more options, you might consider waiting until you leave the airport. SIM cards are available at convenience stores, like 7-Eleven, and from major supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles (both of which offer their own competing phone plans).

Airport Sim Card Counters in Sydney

3.2 Buy a 4G sim card to travel to Australia in Cambodia, access the network comfortably, save maximum costs

If you are going to Australia for the first time, have difficulty communicating and feel insecure when buying a SIM abroad, you should choose to buy an Australian travel SIM in Cambodia at Sim2go.asia. The advantage of this Australian 4G SIM is home delivery. In addition, the Sim is pre-installed, so you just need to drop the Sim into the device and use it as soon as you arrive in Australia. Save time and effort in queuing, waiting at the airport, without having to present your passport, ensuring your personal information is secure.


Package: 8GB LTE/4G high-speed data; Unlimited 3G @256kbps; 60 minutes to make calls in Australia/ New Zealand

Expiry date: 15 days from the date of activation, activated in Australia, New Zealand

If you are in need of a sim card with a phone number to call hotels in Australia / New Zealand, use data to access the network, find directions or use applications to translate, this sim card is a reasonable choice. With 8GB of high-speed data used for 15 days and 60 minutes of calling in Australia / New Zealand for less than $23,00, don’t hesitate to buy this sim right away! Sim2go.asia will ship to your door, just go to Australia / New Zealand to insert the sim and use it. Save money and save time queuing to buy sim card at the airport, with complicated procedures.



Package: 12GB high-speed data 4G/LTE; (Voice and SMS packages are only available when you use a sim in European countries that are on the SIM’s applicable list)

List of applicable countries.

Expiry date: 30 days from the date of activation

International travel sim 70 countries is a tourist sim that can be used in any country on the supported list. You don’t need to buy a sim card in each country for your whole trip and comfortably access the internet with 12GB 4G/LTE high-speed data within 30 days.


4. Reasons you should buy a 4G Australia travel sim at Sim2go.asia

  • Sim2go.asia is a unit specializing in providing convenient telecommunications solutions that help you access high-speed Internet at low cost and save data roaming costs when traveling.
  • A team of professional consultants, dedicated support to help you quickly choose the right type of sim.
  • There are a full range of travel sim cards for many countries: Korea, Japan, Australia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries…
  • Commitment to confidentiality of customer information.
  • Buying and paying online is quick and convenient, with delivery and cash collection services or you can go directly to the office to buy a sim card.
  • Cheapest Australia Sim price on the market today.
  • Sim is warranted for quality, prestige guaranteed.


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